Much of the software representing itself as piano tuning software is chromatic tuning software. Chromatic software is not suitable for tuning pianos.

In order to tune a piano, one note, usually A4, is tuned to a reference pitch. Then, the rest of the piano is put into harmony with that note.  This is done by matching partials

Chromatic tuners do not match partials.  They simply generate mathematically correct half-steps.  This is insufficient because pianos do not generate mathematically perfect partials. Pianos tuning is based on matching partials… mathematically imperfect partials.

Below is a list of tuning software and devices that consider partials in their calculations:


Verituner (software) Available for Windows and IPhone.

Reyburn Cybertuner (RCT) (software) iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, 

Sanderson Accutuner (SAT) (hardware) A tuning device

TuneLab (software) Android, iPhone, iPad Touch, iPad, Windows, 

Dirk’s Piano Tuner (software) Windows, iMac, MacPro, Mac mini, Macbook

Entropy Piano Tuner (EPT) (software) GPL-3 license, Free and Open Source Software,  Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Apple Mac OSX,  GNU/Linux, source code

UltraTune (software) Appears to be abandoned

Tunic OnlyPure Piano Tuning Software  (software) based on octave + fifth tuning

instrument-tuner.com  Freeware for windows.  May have some application towards piano tuning.  Can measure partials.  More of a suite of tools than an Electronic Tuning Device when applied to pianos.

PianoLab   Piano tuning software from Russia.  Free, but registration required. Released under GPL.  Windows and Android.  Not much documentation in English.

IC Piano Tuner  $49.90.  Advertises that you can do “stretch tunings.” morethanpianos has no experience with this software and has received no feedback.  

Easy Piano Tuner  Google play app. Free and $20 versions.

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